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News about Happiness, new projects, happenings, etc.


Your Power to Re-wire Your Happy Brain Chemicals (#1 of 7) by Loretta Breuning Source Inner Mammal (duration: 5 min)

Ongoing actions

  • Happiness certification, started in 2016 after 5 years of studies and research to define what makes employees and customers happy. Results: certified companies in all activities, in Europe, Asia, North America. from 3 to 7,000 employees.

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  • Give us your opinion, express yourself in the first global survey on happiness

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  • Schools, companies, associations: Ask for the kit to help you prepare and organize the international day of happiness
  • Operation "Happiness Menu" with restaurants: successful launch! See our Happy ideas page
  • David Peter Brooks and replace by Dr. Daniele Massobrio-Macchi, Ambassador for Monaco, continued her lectures and workshops about happiness which are highly successful (see ads on Facebook)
  • Collaboration with Honesty life Switzerland starts with webinars to see/hear on our Facebook page
  • MUST HAVE specially created for WLRH HappyBBoo bracelets can be found on facebook@bboomc

    le MUST HAVE ! 

  • The Miss America Group offers to compose for us a hymn to the right to happiness see video below
  • The creation of the observer function, an idea of Béatrice Szepertyski, particularly in the context of the climate and the environment.

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  • Loretta Breuning PhD, Honorary Member, Emeritus Professor of management, founder of the Inner Mammal Institute in California, pays a visit to our Committee and will present her new book on happiness hormones during a joint press conference on September, the 12th

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  • Our goal is to obtain the inscription of the right to happiness in the European Union Constitution as the most sacred human right. We have officially filed an application with the European Parliament.

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Miss America Band offers to compose a song for the League (here in part 1 of the show of Johnny Haliday in Fréjus) - source M.A.B.

Results of our actions

2019  New Ambassadors, new publications with the INNER MAMMAL INSSTITUTE USA, new partnerships with the CERCLE  SCIENTIFIQUE RAYER and  ENTREPRISE CONSCIENTE, the1st International Symposium on Women's Leadership in Paris, neuromanagement seminars with Dr. Breuning, a celebration of Happiness Day on 5 continents and many local initiatives characterize 2019.

2018 A year devoted to art, gastronomy and research with 3 days of Expert Roundtable in Monaco, a seminar on ethics, an exhibition by David BROOKS, a day on COPY ART, a partnership with CANADA, operation happiness menu in collaboration with THE MERIDIEN BEACH PLAZA and CHEFS in FLORIDA and SEATTLE AREA

2017 a successful year: 120 countries aware of our cause, a new website more user-friendly, new Ambassadors, consultants accredited for the certification of companies in Europe, America and Asia and a new logo for our 7th anniversary. Second ceremony of the Golden Clovers awards to personalities and first awards to companies. Start of Happiness certification in all sectors of activities. A unique celebration of the day of happiness in companies with our kit of support/preparation for the event.

2016, first awarded of the Golden Clovers at the international night of happiness on 18 March in Monaco in association with the friends of Lebanon, Legend Haute Couture and ONEPLACE2B.COM to finance a project led by the United Nations for children. The evening was broadcast live in 34 countries and followed by members from China, Australia, India, Togo, Algeria, Russia, Finland, European Union, Brazil, Canada, USA and even Greenland. Many local actions driven by our ambassadors.

2015 was a studious year with our presence at the Global citizenship forum chaired by Mr Kofi Annan where we met Governments, institutions and international NGOs leaders, stars and journalists. Monaco Business 2015 dedicated to happiness, under the patronage of His Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco welcomed us to its Round table about happiness and female entrepreneurship organized and chaired by Huguette Marsicano.

“Your only obligation in any life is to be true to yourself. Richard Bach

The most unfortunate are the most reluctant to change

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