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Each year, the Golden Clover is awarded to personalities and companies involved in happiness promotion

trefle dor definitif

Emblem of our League, the four-leaf clover is, according to the legend, believed to bring fame, inner wealth, love and health.

Each year, we award a Golden Clover to personalities in recognition of their actions to support happiness and to companies that have obtained the Happiness certification, either for their customers or their employees, and that have implement memorable and exemplary actions in that direction.

The winners also automatically become Honorary Members of the League.

The Golden Clovers awarded to personalities


  • Dr Guila Clara Kessous, Harvard University/ UNESCO
  • Enza Testa Haegi, Centre des Dirigeants d’Entreprises de Genève
  • Marie-Christine Oghly, FCEM
  • Thierry Rayer, CES Rayer
  • Lara Paemen, IFMA
  • Pr Jean-Marie Saint-Rémy
  • Dr Catherine Sibille



  • Lilou Macé French-American author, web TV host, video blogger, speaker and interviewer Video Ted Tal
  • Sister Angèle, happy cooking and the happiness to be yourself Vidéo TVRL Vidéo HAPPY COOKING
  • European Parliament of Youth/Association for Human Rights – Sorbonne, Student Forum 2018 about the right to happiness





  • John Martinotti, co-founder of the World Music Awards
  • Ouhoud al-Roumi, Minister of State of happiness in the United Arab Emirates LE MONDE
  • Stéphane Valeri, Government Advisor for Social Affairs and health to Monaco Vidéo TRENDS
  • Frank Nicolas President and founder of the Night of Associations Vidéo TRENDS

THIERRY RAYER, Golden Clover 2019, WLRH Ambassador, About

Matthieu Ricard, Golden Clover 2016: How to let altruism be your guide ?, Source Youtube


Joseph Stiglitz, Golden Clover 2017 Lecture on The Revolution of Information Economics, Source Youtube

The business Golden Clover

The Golden Clovers 2018 were assigned to:

Le Méridien Beach Plaza Monaco (600 employees in high season) has celebrated the 2018 day of happiness with the League and participated in our Happiness Menu operation. This hotel offers a chic and contemporary environment with views to take your breath away and a top level service. A Happiness certification for customers well-deserved!

CSG a dynamic import-export company in India, its managers are doing everything and more to the delight of their customers.Ladies and the City: an international network to assist women in entrepreneurship, professional success and personal development. Tips, resources, ideas,... and it works! Europe and USA www.ladiesandthecity.fR

Monte-Carlo multimedia web agency all services has 10 websites each puts forward a flagship of the Principality of Monaco business sector: real estate, sport, tourism, employment, finance, food.. 6 million visitors a year

Winners 2017 (first winners after launching of the companies’ certifications end of 2016)

The Golden Clover 2017 large company category was assigned to Group Colisee chaired by Mrs. Christine Jeandel, leader in the comprehensive care dependence and old people, present in France, Italy, Spain and in China, and its 6,900 employees. The Colisee Group has celebrated the day of happiness: all employees and residents have participated in organizing very many animations and realizing several moving films.

The Golden Clover 2017 small business category was assigned to the Monaco company Geolines specializes in the development, project management and trade in all products, raw and semi-finished for haute couture from China to Europe as well as the opening of markets between Asia and Europe
The Golden Clover 2017 nonprofit organization has been awarded to the Centre Européen de Recherche sur la Formation.
The Golden Clover 2017China has been awarded to Nanjing ZHONGHEYI. Congratulations!
The management team of Group Colisee receives the Golden Clover, source COLISEE
soeur angele certificationSister Angele Golden Clover 2018 (left to right : M. van Boxem, Charlotte, Sister Angele, Christian Travaglini and Rosette Pippar)
dott bettini
Babila Focardi, Ambassadress for Italy and Dott. Bettini, source Babila Focardi
clinique korian
Korian’s clinic run by M.H.Miahle receives the trophy 2017, source KORIAN
luc ferry
Luc Ferry, source Marketing day
lorentz poinsot
Valérie Lorentz- Poinsot, source Anne Botella

"Each problem has a gift for you in its hands.
You seek problems because you need their gifts." Richard Bach

Things are not difficult to do. The most difficult is to get in condition to make them. Constantin Brancusi

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