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When it comes to happiness, acting is better than speaking. The League chose a pragmatic approach to fulfill its four missions.

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There is the Certification Happiness between a satisfied customer and a happy customer
A margin of added value and benefits for all (available also for employees)
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Our missions

Let’s act together to make happiness a priority in our daily life

Murielle van Boxem 2The World League for the Right to Happiness, free of any political affiliation, confessional or otherwise, brings together those who make happiness THE priority in their lives and those of future generations. Our patons are you and all living things on this planet. Happiness, although subjective and individual, is no longer a luxury or a frivolity, and it is contagious. Our goals are to make the Right to Happiness a reality in everyday life, and in all major domains such as information, education, , work, culture, environment, privacy, etc. and to find the balance between sustainable development, the laws of the market and our Happiness.

Young generations have already understood this right, they want to have the freedom to choose what makes them happy, especially at work. The restrictive notion of well being at work already belongs to the last century, and the United Nations has already pushed the envelope further by recommending to corporations and institutions of the future to place happiness at the center of their corporate culture to ensure growth and sustainability (annual benefit estimated at 60 billion € for France / source Harvard). After 5 years of research based on the work of 35 experts, including six Nobel Prize winners, the League has acquire a unique knowledge and understanding on how to make customers and employees happy. This knowledge has been organized and classified into international certification guidelines with specific indicators and these tools, used by accredited auditors and consultants, facilitate the implementation of happiness programs in organization to obtain proven financial and human resources benefits.

Welcome and thank you for acting with us yo promote happiness!

Murielle van Boxem Drax-Hilton, President and founder

By geographical area:


Canada Sister Angele

United States East Coast Bart De Boever

United States West Coast Huguette Marsicano

Brazil soon awarded


China Bernard Sok

India Charu Gupta spokesman

Bhutan Charu Gupta spokesman


Germany André Assenheimer spokesperson

Belgium Stéphanie Carlens

Federation of Russia being awarded

France Atlantic coast Estelle Prot

France Nantes Area Agnès Calmon

Britain being awarded

Italy Babila Focardi

Luxembourg Anne-Marie Debras and André Assenheimer

The Netherlands Anne-Marie Debras and André Assenheimer

Romania Angela Craciun

Switzerland Sylvère Caron


Morocco Corinne Touzé

South Africa being awarded



By topics:

Ambassador dedicated to the climate and the environment

Beatrice Szepertyski

Ambassador dedicated to culture

David Peter Brooks

Ambassador dedicated to the women's cause

Huguette Marsicano

Ambassador GlobeTrotter

Alain Dauchy
Lilou Macé
Jean-Claude Baudot
Guila Clara Kessous
Laurent Martinez
David Bigand

Ambassador dedicated to the Youth

Carrelle Moukémaha

Ambassador dedicated to animals and plants

Being awarded

Ambassador Plenipotentiary

Lord of Drax-Hilton

Ambassador in charge of Relations with States and their Representatives

Thierry Rayer

Our Ambassadors

The Goodwill Ambassadors for the World League for the right to happiness are our representatives for countries, international or local organizations, and public or private institutions.

Our ambassadors presence and of those dedicated to youth, women, climate, ecology and culture, currently covers 73% of the world's population.

Our Ambassadors help support the inscription of the right to happiness in the Constitution, in laws and in official regulations and their application in daily life and they are instrumental to the success of our programs.

Directory of our ambassadors

The League has represented you and the right to happiness at the Global Citizen Forum 2015 chaired by M. Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations Nobel Peace Prize

(source Global Citizen Forum- duration: 4 min)

The Observers

We have the project to create the role of local observers which mission will be to observe the application of the right to happiness in everyday life.

This mission would be entrusted to individuals or groups of citizens and will be based on specific observation criteria defined by the League. Their observations would be captured in recurrent reports and would be targeting specific areas such as the environment, the education, culture, etc. If you are interested in such a role, you will soon be able to apply via our contact form.

More information will also posted on this webside and on our social media pages.

“Never be a prisoner of your past. The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” Noam Chomski,

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." Albert Camus

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