Extract of the statutes of the philanthropic International Foundation World League for the Right to Happiness (in abbreviated WLRH)

The World League for the Right to Happiness (in abbreviated WLRH) is an international philanthropic foundation to defend and to help citizens regarding their Right to Happiness for instance in a framework of social, cultural, educational, relational, media, environmental, healthy, private and professional.

WLRH is a non-profit foundation working only with legacies, donations from individual donors or corporations and the benefits of events made to promote its philanthropic and charitable projects.

The Foundation is established for an indeterminate period.

The beneficiaries of WLRH are all the citizens of the countries members of the United Nations

Our first goal is to include the Right to Happiness as one of the natural, unalienable and sacred rights of man in the Constitution of each country in the world.

Our second goal is to make the Right to Happiness a reality in the daily life for all citizens. Exerting the Right to Happiness will be a real progress in the history of humanity and a gift to be transmitted to our children, just as important as saving the planet, and a way to consolidate economy worldwide.

The World League for the Right to Happiness’s goal is not to change the world in theory but to have citizens, governments and companies work together to find the right balance between the market laws and our Right to Happiness. That’s the reason why WLRH supports the Charter for the Right to Happiness in companies and its application as a label certification for companies.

The World League for the Right to Happiness is an international citizenship movement, which brings us all together. It is the spokesman of all citizens in front of governments and companies, regarding the Right to Happiness. The application of the Right to Happiness does not oblige the States or the companies to guarantee the happiness of its citizens or salaries but it obliges them to change the imagination of society or company about human dignity and right to happiness.

WLRH supports neither a governance of a political system, nor a philosophy, nor a religion, nor a way of living, nor a country, nor a category of human beings.

ll the funds we raise are allocated to the projects that directly benefit all citizens’ Right to Happiness.