THE Happiness label for companies

Only 9% employees are engaged in their work, an unhappy employee is twice more ill, six times more absent, twice less creative, it means an additional cost estimated in France to 60 billion, not to mention the stress and the price of human suffering. A happy employee is nine times more loyal and up to 31% more productive *.

The economic future of business now depends on the happiness of employees and customers. The happiness label does not commit you to making your employees and customers happy but to provide them with the means to access the happiness that they choose. Position yourself among the best!

* Source Harvard Business Review,

Why a label

The company labeled happiness decodes and takes into account the choices and the expectations of the customers and/or employees, about what makes them happy. A happy employee in his work produces better and is more involved, a happy customer buys better and recommends more. These behaviors of happy employees/customers provide commitment, loyalty and fidelity to your company and reduce costs.

The benefits for your company

Welcomed by the social partners and consumers, the label allows your company to

For who

Any moral person, profit-making or not, any institution or public or private community may claim the happiness label. Small business to multinational corporations, urban communities or hospitals, each labeled participates in the annual competition for the prestigious Golden Clover. Our customers are referenced in three categories, less than 250 employees, from 250 to 1000 employees and more than 1,000 employees.

How to get it

The audit

Based on the Happiness Reference Tables© in company established by the World League for the right to happiness, according to the chosen label (label employees and/or customers label), the audit conducted by the independent auditor includes an assessment of human resources services, or sales department with well-defined criteria. The audit report makes an inventory with action proposals adjustment or improvement. If the quota of results is achieved during the audit, auditors make a positive opinion and the World League for the right to happiness awards you the label. The process is fast. Once awarded to your company it is valid for 24 months. The audit process can be renewed once a year, until you get the label but it will automatically be preceded by a management-organization-development diagnostic. Our goal: to facilitate your access to the label.

The diagnostic

The audit reports items to improve to get the happiness label? You want a pre-diagnostic of assessment before the audit? The diagnostic will tell you the paths to follow. Diagnostic consists of interviews and a survey of a sample of executives and managers, based on the Happiness Reference Tables ©. The diagnostic report proposes pragmatic actions in management, organization, development, and if necessary, in training and support. Everything is made to facilitate your access to the labels.

Support and training

To facilitate or consolidate your label process, our consultants will accompany you with specially developed tools of management and organization. These tools will quickly become you essential regardless of your activity or the size of your company, as soon as they have shown you their profitability (saving time, costs reduced, etc.).

The evaluators

Our team

The World League for the right to happiness, the International Organization for the protection of the rights of man and of the citizen's right to happiness, delegates to Formark Europe as independent auditor, the compliance of businesses to the Happiness Reference Tables© in your area. Formark Europe’s consultants, all former companies’ or institutions’ managers, have chosen to accompany you in the happiness label, because they believe and see day after day, benefits management coming out of an organization oriented to the happiness of the customers and employees. Our approach and our tools are derived from years of research and development to help companies understand happiness, to measure it and benefit. This expertise we put it at your service to get the happiness label and compete for the annual Golden clover companies.

The annual trophy

Your company gets the happiness label? Then you are listed on our websites and participate in the annual contest that awards the Golden Clover of the current year, in its category. A Golden Clover is attributed by class of business, less than 250 employees, from 250 to 1000 employees and more than 1,000 employees. The Jury Award of the Golden Clover, made up of various personalities, makes its verdict March 20 during the celebration of the international day of happiness, decreed by the United Nations. The nominated companies and winners appear on our website and that of the League. The results are communicated to the media dedicated to the economy, human resources, and consumers and the winners are allowed to insert the Golden Clover in their communication.